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Selected Series.


Philippians: Philippians 4

Nicole Lewis |

In the final talk of our series, Nicole looks at Philippians 4, in which Paul speaks about the
secret of contentment, and the strength that Christ provides that enables us to achieve
all things.

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Philippians: Philippians 3

Charity El-Khazen |

Paul had a lot of reasons to boast, but he considers them all nothing, compared to
knowing Jesus. In this talk, Charity looks at Philippians 3, and considers how we are to keep pressing on towards our heavenly calling.

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Philippians: Philippians 2

Liam Thatcher |

To a city obsessed with status and power, Philippians 2 is a beautiful, counter-cultural hymn, that challenges us to live with humility like that of Jesus himself.  

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Philippians: Philippians 1

Angie Catlett |

From a prison cell, the Apostle Paul sends a letter to the church at Philippi, encouraging them to keep strong in their faith. In the first talk of our series, Angie Catlett looks at Philippians chapter 1.

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