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Selected Series.

Prince of Peace

Prince of Peace: Peace through the Cross

Hannah Elwyn |

Easter is the central event of the Christian calendar, when we celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection. In this talk, Hannah Elwyn considers how the cross reconciles us to God, and his resurrection gives us hope beyond the grave.

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Prince of Peace: Peace in Work and Rest

Joel Wade |

In a culture driven by achievement and success, it can be easy to let busyness steal our peace. In this talk, Joel Wade looks at the Biblical practice of the Sabbath, and considers how we can find peace in God by living from a place of rest.

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Prince of Peace: Renewing Your Mind

Liam Thatcher |

So much of our fear is fuelled by the voices we listen to. In this talk, Liam Thatcher considers how we can learn to resist lies, and have our mind renewed by God.

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Prince of Peace: Hope for the Future

Andy Tilsley |

There are many reasons to be fearful about the future, with uncertainty at personal, national and international levels. In this talk, Andy Tilsley looks at how faith in the unchanging God can fill us with peace.  

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Prince of Peace: Peace in the Storm

Lydia Lewis |

In the first talk of our new series, Jo Wells looks at the story of Jesus and the disciples in the storm, and considers how trusting God enables us to experience peace in tumultuous times.  

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