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Selected Series.


Life is busy. There are always things demanding our time, money, focus and energy. Many of us live at a velocity we know deep down is unsustainable. If we’re to thrive rather than just survive, we need to learn how to simplify. This series offers practical tools to reduce the clutter and help us to live with a greater sense of purpose and energy.

Simplify: Simplify your Faith

Amy Howard |

Rest. It sounds simple, basic even. But to many of us, we feel it’s a luxury that we can’t always afford! Rest is actually a radical thing; a statement of trust in God. In this talk, Amy Howard looks at the theme of rest and how the simple act of taking time out to relax nourishes both our body and soul.

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Simplify: Simplify your Relationships - Luke 6:12-19

Andy Tuck |

Relationships take time, effort and work to maintain. Deep friendships don’t just happen; they need to be invested in. In this talk, Andy Tuck looks at the relationships that matter most and offers some principles for how to maintain and strengthen them.

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Simplify: Simplify your Mind - 2 Corinthians 10

Johnny Blake |

Sometimes the clutter that exists in our lives is not simply in our diaries, or physical space, but in our minds. Doubts, fears and unhelpful thoughts can limit us and hold us back. In this talk, Johnny Blake will look at how we can manage our thought life and simplify our minds.

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Simplify: Simplify your Finances

Andy Tilsley |

In an expensive city like London, how should we handle money? And how does knowing what our priorities are help us to use our money wisely? In this talk, Andy Tilsley looks at some principles for how we can master our finances, rather than be mastered by them.

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Simplify: Simplify Your Diary - Mark 1:29-39

Liam Thatcher |

Busyness is an epidemic. For many of us, we feel our schedules are out of control and we spend our lives apologising for our busyness. In this talk, Liam considers how Jesus managed his time, and some basic principles for how we can simplify our diaries.

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Simplify: Simplify your Life - Luke 10:38-4

Jo Wells |

Life is busy. There are always things vying for our time and attention and many of us feel like ‘stressed and busy’ is our default state of mind. This first talk in our new series looks at Jesus’ instructions to Mary and Martha and how focussing on the most important things allows us to say no to distractions.

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