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Acts of the Spirit: The Spirit of Devotion

Andy Tilsley |

One of the hallmarks of the early church was their incredible generosity. In this talk, Andy considers what we can learn from the church’s sacrificial attitude, and how we can also practice generosity today.

Turning the World the Right Way Up

David Stroud |

A small group of men and women were cowering in an upper room in a remote part of the Roman Empire. Their leader had been executed, but in a remarkable turn of events had returned from the dead. Now he...

Multiplicity: Jerusalem: A Sacrificial Church

Andy Tilsley |

The story of the church begins at Jerusalem, where a small group of followers of Jesus sought to live lives marked out by sacrifice, devotion and commitment to community. In this talk Andy Tilsley considers what we can learn from their example.

First Serve: The Mission of a Servant

David Stroud |

Acts 6: The church is growing rapidly, and people’s needs are beginning to get overlooked. The leaders appoint people to serve the church, which results in even more people coming to faith. In this final talk of our series, David...

Theology Matters: Resurrection: Resurrection in the Gospels and Acts

Liam Thatcher |

This week, we look at the Gospels and the book of Acts and consider how the resurrection of Jesus affected the way people thought and preached about him. Download the handouts.

Empowered: Empowered by the Spirit

David Stroud |

As he sent them out, Jesus promised his disciples that they would receive power to equip them for the mission ahead. At the outset of this new sermon series, David looks at what it means to be empowered by the...

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