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The Heart of the Matter: Resisting the Forbidden Fruit

Andy Tilsley |

How do the decisions we make affect us over the long haul? How should we resist temptation? And why do many people struggle with the idea of commitment? In this talk, Andy looks at lessons from the life of Samson.

The Heart of the Matter: Modern Romance

Liam Thatcher |

Despite being one of the oldest passages in the Bible, Genesis 29 has some brilliant insights to offer about modern relationships. In this talk, Liam looks at the story of Jacob, Rachel and Leah and considers how (not) to find...

The Heart of the Matter: Let’s Talk About Sex

Andy Tilsley |

Sex is everywhere. Advertising, film, TV, music are all saturated with it. In this talk, Andy looks at many of our culture’s assumptions and considers some key elements that make up a healthy view of sex.

The Heart of the Matter

Liam Thatcher |

I brush my teeth at least twice a day. I shower daily. I wash my hands countless times. I use the odd hair product and skin product – thanks for noticing! I don’t do as much exercise as I probably...

Love is a Verb: Questions and Answers

ChristChurch London |

At the conclusion of our Love is a Verb sermon series, we put some of your questions on relationships to a panel of leaders in ChristChurch London. David, Caroline, Andy and Joy, and Charlie and Laura tackled a range of questions on...

Love is a Verb: Make Love, Not War

Andy Tilsley |

Every kind of relationship – between friends, colleagues, family members or married couples – is bound to hit difficulties eventually. When disagreements come, how can we manage them in such a way as to strengthen the friendship? In this final...

Love is a Verb: The Single Issue - 1 Corinthians 7

Andy Tilsley |

Around 50% of Londoners between the age of 20 and 59 are single. Some see singleness as liberating, others as a chore. What are the particular challenges and opportunities that single people face? What advice does the Bible have to...

Love is a Verb: Broken Sex - Psalm 51

David Stroud |

Sex is a good and powerful gift from God. But when misused it can leave us disappointed and hurt. What does Jesus offer to those carrying pain, regret and shame? How can we experience restoration from hurt inflicted upon us?...

Love is a Verb: Free Love? - 2 Samuel 11

David Stroud |

Sex is everywhere. Some people see it as a commodity. For many, Free Love is the ideal; however, whenever and with whomever they want. Others have been taught to view it as something dirty, shameful or taboo. In this talk...

Love is a Verb: Love is a Verb

Andy Tilsley |

How can we take relationships with friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and partners beyond superficiality and towards something life-giving and lasting? Andy Tilsley looks at what it takes to build and sustain great relationships. Love is not an abstract feeling; a...

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