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New Chapters: Central Service

ChristChurch London |

There’s a couple of shifts taking place at the ChristChurch London Central Service. We sat down with leaders Andy Tilsley and David Stroud to find out what’s happening. Tell us a little bit about what’s changing. Andy: Believe it or...

Fully Alive: The Garden

David Stroud |

God created humanity, male and female, in His own image, and gave them the task to care for the garden and expand its borders. In this talk, David looks at how that calling shapes our vision to work for the...

ChristChurch London: Our Story

ChristChurch London |

ChristChurch London is ten years old. This video takes a look at some of the highlights of our first decade and some of the elements that have made us the church we are today. This video was created for Love...

First Serve: The Mission of a Servant

David Stroud |

Acts 6: The church is growing rapidly, and people’s needs are beginning to get overlooked. The leaders appoint people to serve the church, which results in even more people coming to faith. In this final talk of our series, David...

The Art of Neighbouring: The Art of Neighbouring: Neighbourhood Watch (Luke 10:1-12)

David Stroud |

When Jesus sent his followers out to speak to and serve the people around them, he gave them some important instructions about how they were to do it. In the fourth week of this series, David considers how we can...

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