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Acts of the Spirit: The Spirit of Unity

Liam Thatcher |

One of the hallmarks of the early church was its incredible diversity. Cultural, social, and ethnic barriers were torn down, as the Holy Spirit united people from hugely different backgrounds. In this talk, Liam considers how we can build a...

Acts of the Spirit: The Spirit of Unity

Tim Frisby |

This talk was recorded at our South Dedication Service. The first place Jesus’ disciples were ever called ‘Christians’ was in Antioch – one of the biggest, most multi-cultural cities in the Roman Empire. In this talk, Tim explains why that...

Multiplicity: Galatia – A Welcoming Church

Andy Tilsley |

The church at Galatia started well; breaking down barriers, welcoming everyone. But over time things began to get fragmented, and Paul had to write some challenging words to them. In this talk Andy Tilsley considers how we can build a church that...

A Taste of the Nations

ChristChurch London |

What are the challenges that internationals face living in London? And what can the church do to help build a diverse community that supports people from every nation? In this video, originally shown at our Love Nations Sunday, Andy Tilsley...

Love Nations: Celebrating Diversity in London

ChristChurch London |

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, with more than 300 languages spoken here, over 50 non-indigenous communities with populations exceeding 10,000, and almost 30% of our population having been born overseas. This video, originally shown...

Holy Week: Love Nations - Gen 11; Acts 2

David Stroud |

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world and building a church here is full of exciting opportunities. In this talk from our Love Nations Sunday, David looks at the story of Babel, the events of Pentecost...

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