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Fancy a Summer Holiday?

Andy Tuck |

Whether you’ve already made you’re holiday plans for the summer or you’re still scouting around for ideas, can I suggest one to you? Come to Momentum with ChristChurch London! About 40 of us went last summer, and it was an...

Momentum 2014

Jon Mendelsohn |

Momentum: /məˈmɛntəm/ noun: The quantity of motion of a moving body, (or a 5 day Christian festival put on for students, 20s and 30s, depending on which definition you use). The aim of the festival, run by Soul Survivor, is...

Esther: Scene IV Rest - Esther 7-10

Liam Thatcher |

The story of Esther reaches its climax with a battle of epic proportions. As Esther seeks a way to save the Jewish people from destruction, we learn about the theme of rest, and get a glimpse of a day to...

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