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Theology Matters: The Gospels: Session 7 – Symbols: Monotheism and Election

Liam Thatcher |

In this seminar, Liam Thatcher and Andy Tuck look at how Jesus treated the central symbols of Judaism. In particular, they consider what he had to say about Monotheism and Election: who is God and who are His people. Download...

Theology Matters: The Gospels: Session 6 – The Little Stories

Liam Thatcher |

Why did Jesus spend so much time telling confusing little stories? Why are they often so hard to understand? And what do they have to teach us about the main themes of Jesus’ ministry? In this session Liam looks at how...

Joseph: Fragile Dreams that changed the world: The Dreams of Youth - Genesis 37:1-11

Liam Thatcher |

Joseph was well-off, well-dressed and his Father’s clear favourite son. He had big dreams and a big mouth, and the combination got him into some serious trouble! In the first week of our new series, Liam looks at the beginning of Joseph’s...

Prayer for Peace

Liam Thatcher |

If you’ve read the news recently, it will not have escaped your attention that there is an enormous amount of conflict across the world right now – much of it fuelled by religious or ethnic tensions. In our service on...

Advent: A Light to the Nations - Luke 2:22-38

Joel Kendall |

In the final week of our series, Joel looks at the story of Simeon and Anna and their joy at meeting the baby Jesus. We see that this child’s birth is the answer to ancient promises, and the hope for...

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