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Joshua: Rahab and the Spies

Andy Tilsley |

The spies cross over into the Promised Land and encounter a lady named Rahab, who offered them help in order for protection. In this talk, Andy looks at how the church should be a place of refuge, where people can experience the...

The Fall of Jericho and the Love of God

Liam Thatcher |

Today Tim Frisby and Jo Wells both continued our sermon series on the life of Joshua by looking at the fall of Jericho from chapters 5-6. This passage, and others like it, raise important and difficult questions about how we are to...

Joshua: The Fall of Jericho

Tim Frisby |

As the people face their first major battle, God instructs them to overcome by slightly unusual means! This talk looks at how we can trust God, even if His methods seem foolish, and how faith, worship and prayer strengthen us...

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