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Stand Alone Talks: Andy Crouch

Andy Crouch |

Listen to Andy Crouch speak during the afternoon session of this years Love London Sunday.

Stand Alone Talks: Love London ’17

David Stroud |

Love London Sunday is an opportunity for all of our services to gather together as a whole church family. Listen to David Stroud’s stand alone talk from that service.

Stand Alone Talks: Love London

David Stroud |

This week David spoke about spiritual renewal on a special Sunday as our four services met together to celebrate our church and the city.

Starting Sutton

Ian & Heather Rushton |

Heather, you and your husband Ian are overseeing the organisation and planning of a new ChristChurch London meeting! Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves? Ian and I are both from the Wirral and met in a youth group....

Guest Speakers: Ric Thorpe

Ric Thorpe |

The Right Revd. Ric Thorpe is the Bishop of Islington. He is responsible for London’s Church growth strategy and is supporting the creation of 100 new worshipping communities within the Diocese of London by 2020. We were thrilled to have...

Stand Alone Talks: Love London ’16

David Stroud |

Abraham received a dream that would far outlive him – a dream that would be fulfilled across thousands of years, resulting in the blessing of the whole world. In this talk from our Love London Sunday, David considers where God...

Abraham: The Father of Faith: Faith for Central London

Andy Tilsley |

We love London and are working for its cultural, social and spiritual renewal. But in this talk Andy Tilsley looks at our specific vision for the Central service and the ways we hope to serve this part of the city.

Stand Alone Talks: Love London Sunday 2016

David Stroud |

Recorded during our special Love London service, listen to David Stroud explore how our church can make a difference in our great city.

FAQs on meeting in four locations (Updated Jan 2016)

David Stroud |

As of 17 January 2016, ChristChurch London now meets in four locations across the city each Sunday: South: 10.00, Platanos College, Stockwell, SW9 Central: 11.00, The Mermaid Theatre, Blackfriars, EC4V West End: 16.30, The Swiss Church, Covent Garden, WC2H East:  18.00, St John...

Launch Sunday

ChristChurch London |

This Sunday is a momentous occasion, as ChristChurch London moves from two services in one location, to four services in four locations! We hope you enjoy getting to know our different services and working out which one you will want...

Love London: Get Involved

ChristChurch London |

If we are to serve our city and help it to flourish, we will all need to play out part. This video, originally shown at Love London Sunday 2015, explores some of the ways in which people can get involved,...

Love London: The Services

ChristChurch London |

From January 2016, ChristChurch London will be meeting in four different locations each Sunday. This video, originally shown at Love London Sunday 2015, looks at what we hope to achieve through our new services. Find out more about how you can...

Love London: The Vision

ChristChurch London |

What are we passionate about at ChristChurch London? What is the plan for the next few years? And how do we want to contribute to the spiritual, social and cultural renewal of our city? This video, originally shown at Love...

Stand Alone Talks: Love London Sunday 2015

David Stroud |

ChristChurch London has just had its 11th birthday and it’s all hands on deck as we get ready to start three new services. Listen to David Stroud talk about what we can learn from the early church, and our vision for...

Coming this Sunday…

Liam Thatcher |

Love London Sunday is one of my favourite days of the year – a real highlight of our church calendar! It’s a great opportunity to celebrate our city and consider the role we have to play in working for its spiritual,...

Love London Offering

David Stroud |

We love London. We want to celebrate everything that is good about this city, and contribute to its spiritual, social and cultural renewal. From January 2016 we will begin meeting in four locations each Sunday. We will remain one church...

Explore London: A Guide for new Students

Andy Tuck |

Welcome to London for the new academic year! Whether you’re arriving in London as a new student, or returning for another year of study, we want to help you make the most of it. We reckon this is the best...

A Change of Gear: Plans for Expansion in 2016

David Stroud |

We made a pretty exciting announcement last night at our Prayer Meeting: from January 2016, ChristChurch London is going to be meeting in four different locations each Sunday. It is going to look something like this: south of the river...

The Renewal of all Things

David Stroud |

Is there a plan for the world? Should we care about physical things, or only spiritual things? And why should we bother working to make our city a better place, if we’re ultimately destined to leave this world behind and...

Welcome to the Island of Misfit Toys

Raphael Arthur |

I love films. One of my favourite films is Perks of Being a Wallflower. I do not consider myself a wallflower in the slightest but I think the film has something that everyone can identify with. The search for friendship....

A Taste of the Nations

ChristChurch London |

What are the challenges that internationals face living in London? And what can the church do to help build a diverse community that supports people from every nation? In this video, originally shown at our Love Nations Sunday, Andy Tilsley...

Love Nations: Celebrating Diversity in London

ChristChurch London |

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, with more than 300 languages spoken here, over 50 non-indigenous communities with populations exceeding 10,000, and almost 30% of our population having been born overseas. This video, originally shown...

Love Nations Sunday

Faith Purcell |

London is a diverse city, with more than 300 languages spoken here, over 50 non-indigenous communities with populations exceeding 10,000, and almost 30% of our population having been born overseas. Our Love Nations Sunday on 22 March will celebrate the...

London: A Portrait of a City

ChristChurch London |

London is a diverse place, full of beauty and brokenness, challenges and opportunities. We love this city and want to celebrate all that is good about it. In this video, shown at Love London Sunday 2014, we interview people on...

Loving London at Christmas

Kat Tait |

My name’s Kat and I’m a Christmas junkie! And yes, I’ll take any excuse to start doing Christmassy things from September! So for the past few weeks, the Connect: South Central Neighbourhoods group have been running a Christmas stall at...

World Vision

Johan Eldebo |

On October 13 we celebrated our tenth birthday with a very special Love London Sunday. As part of our celebrations, we wanted to give a gift to charities who are making a great contribution to our city, our nation, and overseas....

Love London: Scribed

ChristChurch London |

On Love London Sunday, Jon Wicks scribed the various events of the day, incorporating details from the interviews, videos, the sermon, and many memories from our first ten years. This time-lapse, taken at the afternoon service, shows the whole creation...

Street Doctors

ChristChurch London |

On October 13 we celebrated our tenth birthday with a very special Love London Sunday. As part of our celebrations, we gave a gift of £10k, which we divided between four charities who are making a great contribution to our...

Creative Faithful Presence

David Stroud |

Three months ago the office across the corridor from the ChristChurch London team was empty. Now it houses Tunepics, the fastest growing social network app in the world, which is currently adding 100,000 new users a week. It’s one small...

Love in Action

ChristChurch London |

We love this city and are committed to making it a great place to live, by working for its spiritual, social and cultural renewal. This video highlights just a few ways in which individuals and groups are seeking to make...

ChristChurch London: Our Story

ChristChurch London |

ChristChurch London is ten years old. This video takes a look at some of the highlights of our first decade and some of the elements that have made us the church we are today. This video was created for Love...

ChristChurch London: Our People

ChristChurch London |

What is ChristChurch London? Perhaps more than anything else, it is a community – a group of people seeking to work together for the good of the city that they love. This video offers a snapshot into some of the people...

Stand Alone Talks: Love London Sunday 2014

David Stroud |

ChristChurch London is ten years old! We celebrated our first decade with a very special Love London Sunday, which showcased many of the things we love about this city. This talk looks at Jeremiah 29 and considers the unique contribution that people...

Loving London, 10 Years in

David Stroud |

In the middle of a wonderful sabbatical break this summer, Philippa and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with our children whilst on holiday abroad. We had a special few days punctuated by meals at which we often remembered back...

Love Summer? Love London!

ChristChurch London |

Summer is an amazing time to be in London. There is so much to see and celebrate in this beautiful city, and there are many locations just waiting to be explored. So if you find yourself with a bit of...

Live Fruitful: The Story of GOODFRUIT

ChristChurch London |

Anthony Ogunbowale-Thomas and Dee Atkins are both involved in running GOODFRUIT and are the CEO and Communications Manager, respectively. We caught up with them to find out a bit about GOODFRUIT; the story so far, their hopes for the future,...

The Cultural Exposé: An Interview with Matilda Egere-Cooper

Matilda Egere-Cooper |

Matilda Egere-Cooper is a music journalist, blogger, photographer, teacher, entrepreneur and PR/marketing professional. She lectures in journalism, runs photography workshops, and set up The Cultural Exposé, a website dedicated to helping people explore the many unique things that make up...

The Tale of Two Doctors: Good Ideas Pitch Night

Abigail Malortie |

Street Doctors is an initiative that teaches life-saving medical skills to high-risk young people, as a way of raising awareness and seeking to reduce death by violent crime. This video tells the story of how Dr Charlotte Neary-Bremer met Dr...

The Bit Beyond Market

Jack Wells |

The Bit Beyond is a market that supports social enterprise and ethical business in East London. The vendors are all social enterprises and ethical start-ups that have a focus that is bigger than simply making money. These are traders who have...

Stand Alone Talks: Love London Sunday – Creativity

David Stroud |

On Love London Sunday we celebrated the theme of creativity, profiling just a few of the people at ChristChurch London who are using their creative skills to make London a better place. In this talk, David looks at John 15...


Martin Vickery |

GrowTH is a response to poverty in Tower Hamlets. With a focus on homelessness, the charity’s first project is a night shelter to house the homeless. Here’s a video that we showed on Love London Sunday, which explains a little...

Stand Alone Talks: Love London Sunday 2013

David Stroud |

On Love London Sunday we heard countless stories of how individuals and groups are seeking to help London flourish. In this talk, David Stroud considers the motivation for making a difference in our world and shows how following Jesus leads...

Stand Alone Talks: Love London 2012

David Stroud |

London is a diverse, beautiful, creative, busy, influential place. We love this city and want to play our part in making it a great place to live. We also recognise that there are areas of great need in this city,...

Stand Alone Talks: Love London Sunday

David Stroud |

What is there not to love about London? Seven years in and we are just as passionate about our city as we ever have been. Love London Sunday is a real highlight of the calendar; an opportunity to celebrate everything...

A Message from the Mayor of London

David Stroud |

At ChristChurch London we are passionate about the city in which we live, and believe we have a role to play in making a difference here, working together for the common good. We recently decided to get in touch with...

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