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Introducing Nate Sence

Nate Sence |

As many of you will know, at the start of this year we were recruiting for a new Head of Operations to join our staff team. We are pleased to report that we have employed Nate Sence to this role...

Introducing the Council of Reference

David Stroud |

As many of you who are part of the church are aware, we have been on a journey over these last few years as we have sought to clarify who we are and the mission that God has given us....

Welcome to the Team: Amy Howard

Andy Tilsley |

We’re really excited to announce that Amy Howard is going to be¬†joining the church staff from January 2015 overseeing the Children’s Ministry at ChristChurch London. If you’ve been around the Mermaid Theatre on a Sunday, you’ll undoubtedly have noticed an...

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