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Multiplicity: A Community Church

Jo Wells |

The church in Rome faced huge relational challenges, and Paul wrote them a long letterĀ about reconciliation between different groups of people. In this talk, Jo looks at RomansĀ 12 and considers how we can be a church were people find loving...

The Cross of Christ: Relationship - Romans 8

Andy Tilsley |

How do you view God? A distant deity, disinterested in humanity? At the heart of the Christian message is not a list of rules, or a set of heavy-handed instructions, but the offer of relationship with our Creator. In this...

Love is a Verb: Make Love, Not War

Andy Tilsley |

Every kind of relationship – between friends, colleagues, family members or married couples – is bound to hit difficulties eventually. When disagreements come, how can we manage them in such a way as to strengthen the friendship? In this final...

LittleBig Church: One New Man - Ephesians 2:11-22

Simon Ash |

The good news about Jesus breaks down division and mends broken relationships. This talk will look at how the gospel has overcome the divisions between Jew and Gentile, and man and God, making us into a family, and a dwelling...

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