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Addo Life: An Interview with Christiana Makanjuola

Christiana Makanjuola |

Addo Life is an innovative new project by Christiana Makanjuola, designed to help people make wise decisions in everyday life. We caught up with Christiana to find out a bit about the project, how it came about, and what she...

Theology Matters: The Gospels: Session 12: Why did Jesus Rise?

Andy Tuck |

Easter Sunday is the climax of the story of the gospels. But its meaning can be just as perplexing to us as it was to the original disciples! What does the resurrection mean, and how does it change the way...

Theology Matters: The Gospels: Session 11: Why Did Jesus Die?

Chris Bull |

What are the historical reasons for the crucifixion of Jesus? And what did Jesus make of his own impending death? In this session we consider the Jewish charge, the Roman charge, and Jesus’ own understanding of the significance of his...

Living Life with Purpose

Dr. Michael Pluess |

Have you ever asked yourself whether God may have a specific purpose for your life and how you could find out about it? Living Life with Purpose is a new workshop run by ChristChurch London aimed at exploring these important...

Beneath the Surface

David Stroud |

I love the start of the New Year. Rested and refreshed from a Christmas break, I love the sense of anticipation and energy with which people return to normal life. One of the things I am most looking forward to...

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