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Preparing for Graduation

Vicki Cavolina |

This time of year, if you’re part of London’s student population you are likely to be found hidden between the bookshelves of libraries or slumped over a cup of the student union’s cheap filter coffee. When battling with piled papers...

How To Avoid Stress Without Living In Denial: A Guide to Exams

Stephanie Relf |

Stress seems to be part of life. At University it reaches its peak around May/June, the loveliest months of the year, and you are stuck in the library. It’s depressing, I know. However, there is a way of approaching exams...

How to make the most of your summer

Andy Tuck |

For those of you who live your lives according to the student calendar you will have noticed that the Summer Term has just finished. For the students amongst us this means that the stress of exams is now over and the...

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