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Summer in the City

Andy Tuck |

To all you Students who will be staying in the city this summer: Whether you’ve got placements and deadlines keeping you in London, or if this is your home so you’re here all the time anyway, we’ve got something for...

Fancy a Summer Holiday?

Andy Tuck |

Whether you’ve already made you’re holiday plans for the summer or you’re still scouting around for ideas, can I suggest one to you? Come to Momentum with ChristChurch London! About 40 of us went last summer, and it was an...

Uganda 2015

Andy Tuck |

This summer ChristChurch London is sending a team to Uganda to support a ServeDirect project in Wobulenzi. And we’d love you to consider being part of it! We hope to take a group of 10-12 people to Uganda from the last...

Momentum 2014

Jon Mendelsohn |

Momentum: /məˈmɛntəm/ noun: The quantity of motion of a moving body, (or a 5 day Christian festival put on for students, 20s and 30s, depending on which definition you use). The aim of the festival, run by Soul Survivor, is...

How to make the most of your summer

Andy Tuck |

For those of you who live your lives according to the student calendar you will have noticed that the Summer Term has just finished. For the students amongst us this means that the stress of exams is now over and the...

Love Summer? Love London!

ChristChurch London |

Summer is an amazing time to be in London. There is so much to see and celebrate in this beautiful city, and there are many locations just waiting to be explored. So if you find yourself with a bit of...

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