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The Cross of Christ: Easter Sunday

Liam Thatcher |

Two men were walking down a road, their dreams shattered and every shred of hope destroyed. Only a few days previously it had looked like Jesus might have been the answer to their deepest longings. But in their despair and doubt, they...

The Cross of Christ: Acceptance - Leviticus 16

David Stroud |

What is shame? Why do we feel it? And how does it cripple our lives? In Genesis 3, we see Adam and Eve hiding from God and trying to cover their nakedness. In this talk, David looks at how shame...

The Cross of Christ: Relationship - Romans 8

Andy Tilsley |

How do you view God? A distant deity, disinterested in humanity? At the heart of the Christian message is not a list of rules, or a set of heavy-handed instructions, but the offer of relationship with our Creator. In this...

The Cross of Christ: Life - John 3

Andy Tilsley |

Jesus sat down with Nicodemus, a religious leader, and told him an ancient story about a plague of snakes and a bronze serpent. In this talk, Andy will unpack Jesus’ story and explain how the cross allows us to experience the full...

The Cross of Christ: Forgiveness - Isaiah 53-53

David Stroud |

How can the death of one man 2,000 years ago make a difference to the lives of twenty- first century Londoners? And why was it necessary in the first place? In the second talk of this series, David Stroud looks at...

The Cross of Christ: Wisdom - 1 Corinthians 1

Liam Thatcher |

The cross; a gruesome method of torture and death; an ancient symbol of Roman oppression. How has this symbol of weakness, shame, defeat and foolishness become something that Christians celebrate and draw strength from? In this first talk of our new series, Liam...

Guest Speakers: The Lost Son - Luke 15

Matt Chandler |

Guest speaker Matt Chandler takes a look at the parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15.

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