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The Fall of Jericho and the Love of God

Liam Thatcher |

Today Tim Frisby and Jo Wells both continued our sermon series on the life of Joshua by looking atĀ the fall of Jericho from chaptersĀ 5-6. This passage, and others like it, raise important and difficult questions about how we are to...

A Prayer for Young People

Tim Frisby |

Following reports of the serious child abuse cases in Rotherham and Oxford, we took a few moments on Sunday to highlight the important and vital work that those working with young people in front line services do, and to pray...

Songs in the Key of LIfe: Anger - Psalm 109

Tim Frisby |

There is a lot in the world worth getting angry about: injustice, pain, violence and hatred. But anger is a tough emotion to harness; it can so easily consume us. What should we make of the psalms that express anger...

Esther: Scene IV Rest - Esther 7-10

Liam Thatcher |

The story of Esther reaches its climax with a battle of epic proportions. As Esther seeks a way to save the Jewish people from destruction, we learn about the theme of rest, and get a glimpse of a day to...

Riots. What on earth do we do?

Andy Tilsley |

London is a mess. Like everyone else I’ve been shocked, saddened, angered, frustrated, watching so many images of violence, destruction, animosity and downright hatred. I was in Tottenham just before the riots broke out on Saturday, and you would never...

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