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The Fall of Jericho and the Love of God

Liam Thatcher |

Today Tim Frisby and Jo Wells both continued our sermon series on the life of Joshua by looking atĀ the fall of Jericho from chaptersĀ 5-6. This passage, and others like it, raise important and difficult questions about how we are to...

Prayer for Displaced Peoples

David Stroud |

As I’m sure you’re aware, one of the main news stories of recent months has been of the millions of people who have been displaced as a result of wars and crises in nations such as Syria, Eritrea, South Sudan...

Esther: Scene IV Rest - Esther 7-10

Liam Thatcher |

The story of Esther reaches its climax with a battle of epic proportions. As Esther seeks a way to save the Jewish people from destruction, we learn about the theme of rest, and get a glimpse of a day to...

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