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London is Open: Studying in the City

ChristChurch London |

With Freshers’ weeks getting underway, London is opening its doors to students from all over the world. For many people the city might be completely new, so we asked the Central Students connect group to tell us about their first...

We are Family

John Archer |

John Archer, one of our Welcome Team leaders, explains why making people feel at home on a Sunday is so important. We Are Family. These three words sum up everything we try to be as a Welcome Team. Why? Because...

Multiplicity: Galatia – A Welcoming Church

Andy Tilsley |

The church at Galatia started well; breaking down barriers, welcoming everyone. But over time things began to get fragmented, and Paul had to write some challenging words to them. In this talk Andy Tilsley considers how we can build a church that...

London Awaits

Andy Tuck |

I remember those last few weeks of summer holiday before heading off to university. They were weeks full of anticipation, expectation and uncertainty for all that the next three years had in store. More than anything, I just couldn’t wait...

Introducing Nate Sence

Nate Sence |

As many of you will know, at the start of this year we were recruiting for a new Head of Operations to join our staff team. We are pleased to report that we have employed Nate Sence to this role...

No Rope in the Way: Building Community in Central London

David Stroud |

One of the highlights of my summer was a week in France with my son, Ed. On the way back to London we stopped for 24 hours in Paris where we decided to go to a service at Notre Dame....

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